Psychology Professional Resource Guide

Psychology is an exciting field of which it is often said, there are as many perspectives, methods, and theories as there are practitioners. With so many different perspectives, methods, and psychological schools of thought, the sheer number of possibilities can be daunting; thankfully there are many resources available geared toward each different specialization in the psychology field.

This is a resource guide for new, or soon to be psychology professionals. The guide features quality resources including professional organizations, journals, conferences, and blogs, all of which serve the purpose of supporting psychology students, practitioners, scholars and researchers in an ever changing field.

Associations, Academies, Research Organizations and Societies

  • The American Psychological Association: The American Psychological Association is the premier professional and accrediting association for psychology in the United States. The APA provides incredible support and many resources to practitioners across all fields of psychology.
  • International Association of Forensic Criminologists: The International Association of Forensic Criminologists is determined to advance the field of behavioral profiling through various support and professional development programs. The IAFC also strives to increase the effectiveness of profiling techniques and find ways to improve its involvement in the criminal investigation process.
  • American Board of Medical Psychology The American Board of Medical Psychology is a the foremost professional association for medical psychologists. The ABMA provides support and development for professional medical psychologists and seeks to improve patient care through improving the practices of the field as a whole.
  • Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine: The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine advances psychology and psychiatric healthcare by providing support and professional development programs to practitioners, as well as advocating for the needs of practitioners.
  • Association for Psychological Science: The non-profit Association for Psychological Science advances the field of psychological science through its website articles, the publication of various journals, and contributions to conventions. The APS is also dedicated to the advancement of scientific psychology as a whole, particularly its representation on the national and international levels.
  • Association for Behavior Analysis: This association is a global organization devoted to improving the world through its research into behavioral analysis and its devotion to professional development. The ABAI is the primary membership organization for those in the field of Behavioral Analysis or those who are interested in its implications.
  • Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies: The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies advances the field of mental healthcare by conducting research and educating practitioners.
  • Association for Humanistic Psychology: The Association for Humanistic Psychology seeks to improve the human experience by catalyzing the evolution of the human consciousness and cultivating open, honest, trust based relationships between individuals.
  • Behavior Genetics Association: This association advances psychology and other fields through the study of the relationships between genetics and behavior.
  • Cognitive Neuroscience Society: CNS is devoted to the advancement field of psychology and related fields through the the study of neuroscience. CNS believes that the key to the effective practice of psychology is understanding the nature of human thought from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Federation of Associations in Brain and Behavioral Sciences: The Federation of Associations in Brain and Behavioral Sciences is a collective comprised of various scientific societies and associations that are devoted to the advancement of the field of psychology, among others, through the study of the relationship between the brain and human behavior.
  • International Association of Investigative Psychology: The IAIP conducts research in investigative psychology with the goal of advancing the role of psychology in the criminal justice system.
  • International Association of Applied Psychology: The International Association of Applied Psychology, founded in 1920, is one of the most diverse and oldest international associations of psychologists. The goal of the organization is to facilitate interaction and communication regarding applied psychology on a global scale.
  • International Psychoanalytical Association: The IPA is the world’s foremost accrediting and regulatory body for of psychoanalysis. The International Psychoanalytical Association has its roots in a club started by Sigmund Freud and other notable pioneers of psychology, and exists now to continue to advance the practice of psychoanalysis.
  • The Society for Personality and Social Psychology: The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, formerly a part of the APA, is now an independent organization devoted to the study and advancement of personality and social psychology.

Journals and Publications

  • The Observer: The Observer is published 10 times per year by the Association for Psychological Science. The journal informs practitioners of advancements in psychological science research, scholarship, and applied psychology.
  • The American Psychologist: The American Psychologist journal is the official and primary journal of the APA and is published nine times per year. The journal contains archival documents and articles, covering contemporary issues in the practice of psychology as a whole.
  • American Behavioral Scientist: The American Behavioral Scientist is a monthly peer reviewed journal relevant to students, practitioners, scholars, and researchers.
  • International Journal of Psychology: The International Journal of Psychology seeks to increase and improve international dialogue between psychology scholars and practitioners.
  • Journal of Applied Psychology: The Journal of Applied Psychology is published by the APA and focuses on new applications of psychology and the contributions of new knowledge to the field.
  • Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied: The APA publication, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, publishes original empirical research in experimental psychology.
  • Perspectives of Psychological Science: Perspectives of Psychological Science is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed journal covering the broad range of psychological perspectives on issues in the field.
  • Psychological Bulletin: Psychological Bulletin, an APA publication, publishes research reviews and interpretations of issues in scientific psychology.
  • Psychological Science: Psychological Science is a top-ranked peer-reviewed journal that prides itself on informing practitioners about the most cutting edge developments in the psychological science field.
  • Review of General Psychology: Review of General Psychology publishes innovative theories, methodologies, and concepts focusing on ideas that have the potential to change the field.
  • Basic and Applied Social Psychology: Basic and Applied Social Psychology features articles on empirical research, criticism, and theoretical statements.


  • Association for Research in Personality: This annual conference is held by the Association for Research in Personality. The conference deals with subject matter relevant to the study and development of human personalities.
  • Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists Conference: This is the premier conference specifically for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists and features speakers and workshops that address the unique challenges faced by professionals in this field.
  • APA Events: This APA site catalogues the many events, conventions and conferences held by the APA and its divisions throughout the year.
  • APS Conference: This convention boasts prominent psychology professionals presenting papers that feature significant research in the field, as well as workshops and other events organized in partnership with the Society for Teaching Psychology.
  • International Congress of Applied Psychology: Hosted by the International Association for Applied Psychology, the ICAP is a gathering designed to strengthen international ties and encourage an international perspective in the field of applied psychology.
  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology: The Society for the Teaching of Psychology hosts and participates in national and regional meetings around the United States, focusing primarily on enhancing psychology education for both students and practitioners.


  • British Psychological Association Official Blog: The blog of the British Psychological Association, BPS-Research Digest, tracks new psychological research and its potential impact on the field as it happens.
  • Psyblog: Psyblog features commentary on advancements in psychology and any related science that has significance to the field.
  • We’re Only Human: We’re Only Human is the blog of the Association for Psychological Science and features articles about psychology news and events.
  • Psychology Today: The blog of Psychology Today features articles by highly respected psychology practitioners relevant to both layman and practitioner
  • Laura Freberg: Laura Freberg uses her blog to feature prominent psychology literature and share her opinions on individual works with her readers.
  • Psych Central Blogs: Psych Central’s Blogs feature experienced professionals from all corners of the psychology field. With multiple authors writing for the website, there are many perspectives concerned with a wide variety of topics in one place.
  • Exploring Psychology: Exploring Psychology is a blog with a little something for everybody, from tips for students, to interviews with industry pioneers, it’s a blog with relevant insight for anybody in the industry.