How Much Does a Psychologist Make?

Many undergraduate students of psychology may ask themselves, “Just how much does a psychologist make?” Being a psychologist is a strenuous path and one will encounter numerous challenges on their way to completing their degree and landing a job. By no means is it an easy job to get. This article will explore the education and skills needed to be a successful psychologist as well as touch on the certifications required. Of course, this article will also go into detail about reasonable compensation as well as the factors that may possibly affect a salary. So, let’s find out.

“How much does a psychologist make?”

how much does a psychologist makeEducation Requirements For Becoming A Psychologist

Before a psychology student starts wondering “How much does a psychologist make?” he should consider what it will even take to become one. As you have probably guessed, one of the requirements for being a psychologist is attaining a Bachelor’s degree in the field of psychology. While this requirement can be fulfilled at almost any college or university, many people are surprised to learn that the degree can also be completed completely online. However, before entering an online program for psychology, one should make certain that the program is regionally accredited by a commission of higher learning. Even though most schools these days are in fact accredited, it does not hurt to double check. Upon completion of a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, one can take one of two routes on their way to becoming a psychologist. One can either directly enter a PhD program for psychology, or you can secure a job in the field of psychology as a means of gaining experience. Experience, especially research experience, greatly helps a prospective psychologist gain acceptance into top programs. Furthermore, students opt to take the experience route because they are often getting paid for their services, unlike many internships. No matter which route you take, you will find yourself ready to enter a professional psychology program.

Desirable Personality Traits Of A Psychologist

Because of the sensitive nature of the profession, being a psychologist means that you must possess certain qualities or traits. These traits often can not be taught in school and certainly “How much does a psychologist make?” should not be the foremost question in a potential psychologists mind. For example, psychologists must be very patient when it comes to counseling patients. Or perhaps your patient is reluctant to give you vital information about what they are experiencing. In this case, it is your job as a psychologist to ask questions in such a way that you can successfully “pull out” this information you need.

The Big Question: How Much Does A Psychologist Make?

As far as the compensation a psychologist receives for their services, you can say that they are well compensated. New psychologists tend to start off making around $60K. A seasoned professional psychologist can make upward of $120K. Some types of psychologists can make more or less than other psychologists. For instance, a psychologist working in an emergency hospital setting makes significantly more than a “boutique” psychologist who often works out of an office. While it may seem that becoming a psychologist is a sure-fire way to riches, you might want to think again. PhD programs in psychology are often very expensive. Due to this fact, graduates often take in excess of twenty years when it comes to paying off their student debt. Furthermore, psychologist positions are very hard to come by. This is not because they are not in demand, but rather because the pool of qualified psychologist candidates is very saturated.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “How much does a psychologist make?” it’s now time to decide if it’s the right course of study for you.

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