The Best Undergraduate Major For A Psychologist

College students that are just beginning a career in the field of psychology often find themselves asking their college advisors, “What is the best undergraduate major for a psychologist?” A degree in the field of psychology can lead to unexpected job prospects along with the ultimate job satisfaction that comes from helping individuals that are truly in need of a professional to help them regain full control of their lives. A psychologist can embark in several fields of public service or the healthcare industry. Psychologists that choose to continue their education with a focus of healthcare have the option of becoming a psychiatrist.
The Best Undergraduate Major For A Psychologist

These professionals are required to obtain a medical degree followed by a specific period of residency. Psychiatrists have the authority to prescribe patients specific medications as needed.

Best Undergraduate Major For A Psychologist: Choosing a Path

A future clinical psychologist and psychiatrist specialize in undergraduate majors such as psychology, biology and neuroscience. These majors are relevant for students who wish to continue their degree in the medical portion of the field of psychology. Establishing a major in this specific psychology field proves to be invaluable because it gives the student the opportunity to create a strong educational background in a subject which will be studied more in depth as they move on to their graduate and doctorate degrees. Students that opt to combine their love for the life sciences and psychology are required to complete a medical degree program. These programs include an endless number of science related courses which require lab portions. In this specific instance, a student can greatly benefit from choosing a degree in the hard sciences because it is directly correlated with the future study of psychology in a medical setting.

Best Undergraduate Major For A Psychologist: Counseling Others

Students who wish to use their psychology degree in an environment which counsels others are strongly advised to major in both psychology and education. These psychology professionals often find themselves working in the field of school counseling or counseling in a work related environment. Choosing a major such as education or even psychology gives the student the strong background of knowledge that is necessary in order to complete their graduate studies in a counseling environment. Individuals who do choose to use their psychology degrees for the field of counseling find that an undergraduate degree in education allows them to better understand the infrastructure of the educational system. This knowledge helps entry-level school counseling psychologists because they are well-equipped to deal with issues such as support groups and possible disciplinary tasks in a school setting.

Best Undergraduate Major For A Psychologist: Social Work

A great portion of students that choose to enter the field of psychology do so because of the rewarding influence that the field of social work has on the lives of individuals that depend on the special care that social workers provide. Students who wish to further pursue psychology in order to work as a clinical social worker are strongly advised to major in a field that is directly correlated with human services. Undergraduate majors such as social work, psychology or even sociology are considered to be among some of the most popular majors for students that are looking for the best undergraduate major for a psychologist.

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