Top 30 Psychology and Neuroscience Blogs of 2012

psychologybadgeThe broad field of psychology has numerous approaches, methods, and theories–some say as many of each as there are practitioners. There are numerous high quality blogs operated by psychology professionals from every facet of the field. This list consists of thirty of the most prominent blogs on the topics of psychology and the closely related field of neuroscience. The neuroscience blogs all have a psychology bent to them, explaining the relationship between the inner workings of the human brain as understood by neuroscience and how it relates to human action and thought.

Best Pscyhology and Neuroscience Blogs

1. The Situationist is a prominent social psychology blog in which the author explores human social behavior, examining such phenomena as preferences, choice, and the human will. These choices are explored most often through thought experiments that consist of various situations and the the contributing factors to the choices made in those situations.
Highlight: Why Race May Influence Us Even When We “Know” It Doesn’t

2. Research Blogging is a blog featuring many different topics falling in the realm of the sciences and has an entire section devoted to psychology. The blog features research driven articles that seek to delve into the psychology of everyday life.

3. Advances in the History of Psychology examines the field of psychology through the lens of the history of the profession. The goal of the blog is to to use the examination of the history of psychology to better understand the history being made in the profession today.
Highlight: Interview w/ Hegary, Pettit, & Serlin

4. Generally Thinking features extensive explorations into psychology and its relevance to the human life. The site contains several sections including a research database, a data blog, and a psychology study guide. There is also a sister blog hosted on the site called Rethink which features new ways to understand mental health issues.
Highlight: Is Food Addictive?

5. What is Psychology? is a lighthearted blog aimed primarily at those interested in psychology, but without much experience in the field. However, the blog’s whimsical approach to the subject isn’t exclusively for the uninitiated; the explanations of various psychological concepts on the blog can be useful for professionals when attempting to communicate the complex ideas of psychology to students or other non-professionals.
Highlight: Don’t Stop Me. I’m About to Open Pandora’s Box

6. Alice Boyes’ Blog The blog of Dr. Alice Boyes, features articles dealing with many aspects of everyday life, from ways to deal with low self-esteem, to examining some of the underlying issues that contribute to the symptoms of major disorders.
Highlight: 5 Practical, Creative Tips for Soothing a Low Mood

7. The Psychology of Human Sexuality, the blog of Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, is devoted to sharing the science behind sex, love, and relationships in an engaging way accessible and beneficial to both psychology professionals and laypersons alike.
Highlight: Do Men and Women Have Different Sexual Regrets?

8. School Psychologist Files is a blog aimed primarily at helping parents and school psychologists identify and cope with various psychological issues faced by children in the school setting.
Highlight: What Parents Need to Know About the Special Education Evaluation

9. Blog is focused on the dissemination of information relevant to school psychologists and parents alike. The site focuses on wide ranging topics from how to cope with, manage, and mitigate the stress of studying, to the effect of divorce on children.
Highlight: Technology Addiction

10. Child in Mind is a blog run by Claudia M. Gold, a prominent Pediatrician that specializes in the mental health needs of children. The articles on Child in Mind are geared toward parents and professionals that work with children as well as psychology professionals and other mental health specialists.
Highlight: Sibling conflict: untangling the complexities

11. Psychology Corner is the blog of Lucia Grosaru, a prominent Romanian psychologist, the president and founding member of the Romanian Institute Sic Cogito, and a founding editor of The Romanian Journal of Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Neuroscience.
Highlight: Embracing Your Anxiety and Moving Forward

12. Your Morals is a collaborative social psychology blog focused on exploring the morality of society as well as producing content involving morals and ethics for individuals and corporations, and fostering moral understanding across the political spectrum.
Highlight: Where to Live? Liberal, Conservative & Libertarian Criteria Differ

13. Evolutionary Psychology is the blog of the International Journal of Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology and is focused on exploring the ideas and research related to the field of evolutionary psychology.
Highlight: Male partner selectivity, romantic confidence, and media depictions of partner scarcity

14. Helping Psychology is a magazine style blog devoted to providing psychology students and prospective practitioners with unbiased information to aid their pursuit of a career in the field.
Highlight: The Psychology of Forgiveness

15. Psych Your Mind features articles written for psychology professionals and laypersons alike. While many of the articles deal with the application of psychological concepts and frameworks to everyday life, some also delve into the more complex issues in the field.
Highlight: Tabula Rasa: Do genes influence personality?

16. Cool Psychology Blog strives to collect and discuss some of the most influential and interesting psychology research from around the globe and provide a forum for writer and readers to discuss the issues raised by the findings of that research.
Highlight: What does it feel like to die?

17. Notes from Two Scientific Psychologists was founded by two psychologists with the goal of exploring the potential of their desire to formulate a more naturalistic approach to the scientific study of human behavior.
Highlight: Embodied Solutions to Neural Delays: Information and Network Motifs

18. The Last Psychiatrist offers readers an entertaining and opinionated perspective of a psychiatrist’s perspectives on everything from entertainment to in-depth psychological studies.
Highlight: How to Draw (This is Not an Article About How to Draw)

19. Neurophilosophy is a neuroscience blog that often features content particularly relevant to the field of psychology.
Highlight: Does Einstein’s brain hold the secret to his genius?

20. Blogging Behavioral is the blog of Dr. Sandy Andrews Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist. The blog focuses primarily on cognitive behavioral therapy and the lessons the author has learned in her many years of practice.
Highlight: Couples Communication: Assertiveness with Empathy

21. Mindhacks is a lighthearted blog focusing on the aspects of psychology that most interest its writer. This eclectic blogs features commentary on innovative research, brain themed t-shirts, psychology in the media and on occasion even British Psy Ops.
Highlight: The Stem Cell Scammers

22. Neurocritic: Neurocritic is about the discipline of neuroscience and features articles that relate discoveries in the field to psychology. Neuroscience and Psychology both study the workings of the human brain, and though the methods may differ, the fields are closely related.
Highlight: Spirit Possession as a Trauma-Related Disorder in Uganda

23. SIOP Exchange is the official blog of the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology. The purpose of the blog is to provide a forum for members of SIOP to discuss various strategies within the field in such a way that it might benefit both members and non-members.
Highlight: A Role for Organization Psychologists in Disaster Response Efforts

24. British Psychological Association Official Blog is the official blog of the British Psychological Association. BPS-Research Digest tracks and reports on new psychological research and its potential impact on the field as it happens.
Highlight: Better Than Sex! US College Students Value Self-Esteem Boosts More Than Bodily Pleasures

25. Psyblog: Psyblog features commentary on advancements in psychology and any related science that has significance to the field.
Highlight: The Acceptance Prophecy: How You Control Who Likes You

26. We’re Only Human is the blog of the Association for Psychological Science and features articles about psychology news and events as well as commentary on research and innovations in the field.
Highlight: Mourning and Memory: A Paradoxical Grief

27. Psychology Today features a wide array of articles by highly respected psychology practitioners relevant to both other practitioners and laypersons.
Highlight: In Praise of Anger Mis-Management

28. Laura Freberg uses her blog to feature prominent psychology literature and share her opinions on individual works with her readers.
Highlight: Effectively Using Online Technologies to Enhance Student Learning in Biological Psychology

29. Psych Central Blogs feature the musings of professionals with extensive experience in psychology. Multiple authors write for the website and thus many perspectives are represented and a wide variety of topics addressed.
Highlight: Profiles of Liars: How Men and Women Differ

30. Exploring Psychology is a blog with something for everybody. From tips for students, to interviews with industry pioneers, it’s an accessible blog and the topics are relevant to both psychology professionals and the everyday person.
Highlight: Practical Psychology: Improve Memory By Resting